Plastic Wraps for 20700/21700 Battery - 2 Pack


Colour(v): Bmoji
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The colorful Battery Wraps are designed for 20700 or 21700 Li-ion Battery with fashionable and funny patterns. Just get them to protect your battery and make it different. 2pcs each pack.

Here comes the beautiful 20700/21700 Battery Wraps used to protect 20700/21700 Li-ion Battery. It comes with 11 types funny patterns such as Darth Vader, Minions, Skeleton Army, Zombie and so on. 2pcs each pack. Just get them to make your 20700/21700 battery colorful.

Plastic Wraps for 20700/21700 Battery 20pcs



B1: Darth Vader

B2: Minions

B4: Skeleton Army

B5: Vaping Prover

B6: National Flag

B7: Mermaid

B8: Polar

B9: Pickle

B10: Eye Scream

B11: Zombie

B12: Narwhal

Quantity: 20pcs/pack

It comes with

  • 1x Plastic Wraps for 20700/21700 Battery 2pcs

Plastic Wraps for 20700/21700 Battery 20pcs

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