CHEF MONSTER - Strawberry Shortcake - 60ml

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Yellow cake rounds with warm strawberries sauce, topped with whipped cream!

For the tummy-rubbing taste of freshly baked strawberry shortcake, this premium e-juice does not disappoint. With a scrumptious blend of flavors consisting of yummy yellow cake rounds doused with a thick, warm strawberry sauce and topped with a creamy, rich layer of real whipped cream, how can you go wrong?

Creating a DIY e-liquid with such a complex flavor profile might be nearly impossible for the average vaping enthusiast. Thankfully, our team of expert e-juice mixologists spent many long hours in the lab testing and retesting this premium vape juice to ensure it meets the highest standards of taste and quality. For a premium vape juice that’s toe-tapping delicious with each and every vape, Strawberry Shortcake E-Liquid is the perfect choice.


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